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Aunt Comet Origins

Image by Aaron Burden


After experiencing a spiritual awakening that tore apart my old life, I rediscovered what it meant to be truly alive. Through intense shadow work and delving into the unknown, I discovered the magic of this realm. 

I was first exposed to Quantum Hypnosis through my therapist who is certified and offered it to her clients. After feeling the magic and healing of this technique I started studying myself. I took many courses, delving into dimensions, healing, and metaphysics. I studied how to read Akashic Records in a two month program. I received my Quantum Healing Hypnosis Certification through The Starseed Awakener, Monet Florence Combs. 

I faced my fears, realized old conditioning and stepped into an entirely new timeline. This was made possible by my own will and healing with the assistance of quantum hypnosis and therapy. I started painting again, selling my art at festivals where I would also perform my music. I started writing music and taking the stage, something the old me would always shy away from. I had found a new reality where I embraced who I was and continued to grow in my passions to develop my dream life. Something I was conditioned to believe would never be possible. I always believed in magic, but forgot to believe in me.

Hypnosis showed me first hand that there is more to this realm than meets the eye. The magic is within and around us with the spirit realm supporting us constantly. 

I am so grateful to guide you along your own journey of self discovery.

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